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In 2012 Bhavna started her own business, Alive! Psychology, duly named because of her passion for life.
'I believe life needs to be experienced fully. To "exist" or "get by" is not doing life justice. Through therapy and mindfulness I found my passion for life and discovered the ability to live life fully with all it has to offer - the good and the bad. This is what I want my clients to experience - to find their way of reconnecting with life and expressing who they are fully. This is the basis of the Self-Love Approach, which is a way of life that emerged from my own mindfulness experiences and has been transformed into a therapeutic approach.'

From the Self-Love Approach perspective, depression/anxiety (and other mood states) are understood to be a natural response to living in a self-abusive relationship.

In essence Self-Love is about changing your abusive relationship to yourself to a more loving way of being. The map and tools contain ways to stop the verbal, psychological and physical abuse so many of us unconsciously do, as well as teaching how to build a healthy relationship to yourself.

The Self-Love approach gives skills that work, are easily integrated into daily life practices, and complement other therapeutic approaches.

Bhavna Nagar BA, BA Honors in Psychology, MA (Clinical Psychology), UNISA (South Africa), NZ Registered

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